What is Counter Threat?


Counter Threat Chess is a fullstack web application that allows users to play one another in fully-functional, live-updating chess matches.

Cat chess Gameplay is completely rule-enforced, so whether you're a beginner at chess or a grandmaster Counter Threat is equipped to handle it. Keep track of your Elo rating against other players across the app, and share your successes.

Most of all, have fun!

What is Counter Threat?

1 Stanley Rating: 1484 Wins: 1/1
2 JJD Rating: 1516 Wins: 1/1
3 Rating: 1484 Wins: 1/1
4 TobPsype Rating: 1500 Wins: 0/0
5 Nbell1 Rating: 1500 Wins: 0/0
6 haleymnatz Rating: 1500 Wins: 0/0
7 lindsay Rating: 1484 Wins: 0/1

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The Architects

Kathleen French @github

Haley Mnatzaganian @github

Lindsay Dages @github

David Michael Pena @github

Anna C @github

Mentored by: Abe Polishchuk

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